Date: 6 August 2021

Revisiting the adjunctive use of topical antibiotics in supportive periodontal therapy

The life-long maintenance of the natural set of teeth is not a given to every single person. This is especially so in subjects with periodontal disease. The presence of bleeding and residual pockets increase the risk of disease progression and tooth loss during supportive periodontal therapy. As clinicians who seek to keep our patients’ teeth for life, how can we assist the patient in keeping this dream alive? In this lecture, we will look into the adjunctive use of topical antibiotics in patients under supportive therapy and offer a new light in revisiting this topic in the hope of keeping the teeth we have. The lecture will look into the evidence available for the adjunctive use of topical antibiotics in improving the prognosis of periodontally involved teeth and thinking twice before we put the extraction forceps into action.

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This talk is sponsored by SUNSTAR.


Speaker: Dr Tan Wah Ching.

Talk format: Webinar.

Date: 6 August 2021.

Timing: 8pm to 10pm.

Registration fee: FREE!


CDE points: 2 CDE points!