Date: 20 October 2017

Speaker: Professor Dr W. Teughels

DDS,Periodontology, PhD
Professor, KULeuven,
Department of Oral Health Sciences, Periodontology section.


Although it is well known that antibiotic resistance by bacteria is a worldwide societal and economic problem, evidence is emerging that the same holds true for antiseptics.

Since antiseptics and antibiotics are often used in dentistry, there is an urgent need for alternative treatments that do not rely on antimicrobials. Evidence is emerging that probiotics might be a valuable alternative.

This lecture will focus on the problems resulting from indiscriminate use of antimicrobials and the scientific clinical efficacy of probiotics as an alternative, exemplified by some clinical cases.

At the end the attendees should be able to understand, select and implement the use of probiotics in their patient care.

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Date:     20 October 2017, Friday

Time:     7:15am to 9:15pm

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